Stop Guessing


Stop the guess work about horse feeding

How do you know your horse ABSORBS the right nutrients and calories? You might be wasting lots of money by ways of manure and your your horse still might be lacking essential nutrients. Find out by evaluating the diet, by calculating how many calories gets absorbed, which nutrients are actually getting into your horse and which are deficient. Then you set up a systematic, individualized feed chart which matches exactly what your horse needs. Never heard about it? Well, it is about time.

Whether you have a special needs horse, a senior, a horse with Cushings, metabolic conditions, insulin resistance, performance problems, nervous attitude, a hard keeper, a horse needing topline or better hooves .. all that and more can be dramatically influenced with a systematic program based on an evaluation.

If it is not Veterinary Medicine, it is probably Nutrition!

The power of systematic nutrition is highly undervalued or distorted by subjective, commerce-driven marketing. As a horse owner, you are blasted daily with miracle statements from an abundance of companies, how can you pick the right thing? By using independent experts.

If we realize that your issue needs Veterinary treatment, we will be sending you back to your house Vet or can connect you with a state-licensed Veterinarian in our network.

We develop individualized systematic Equine feed- and supplement programs which are based on science, principles of evolution, physiology and anatomy. Some parts in our approach are congruent with what the rest of the industry teaches, yet our differences make the whole difference. There are a few aspects in our philosophy which go against mainstream, against designer-fashion opinionated and subjective instructions on how to feed a horse. We invite you to use common sense and look at these recommendations objectively and by using deductive reasoning.

We do not give you our opinion, we give you the facts, and these might blow you away. Our approach is evidence-based and our evidence are results where everything else failed. Call us at 855-409-8500 or email us at for questions and a FREE 15-min consultation.

CANDY Happy Horse Diet 

A horse diet you CAN Do Yourself!

By using a few basic principles and natural formulas, you can eliminate many health issues in your own horse.  Equolution(R) is a drug-free, nutritional, science-driven approach which prioritizes eliminating the causes of equine health- and performance problems through cellular nutrition. It works well for many chronic conditions in horse. The horse owner receives a customized feed chart, which is usually designed for a 90-day period.

How does it work?

Programs can be developed remotely via email and phone or on-site. We also offer educational- and certification seminars, group clinics and webinars. This is NOT Veterinary diagnostics or treatment.

1. Evaluation 

Every program starts with an evaluation. The evaluation can be done online remotely from anywhere in the world or onsite at the stable. In both cases information about a horse’s health history, diet, problems and previous lab tests is needed. In many cases we can develop a program for a horse without additional cellular nutritional testing. But to custom design an individualized program without missing anything, especially when working remotely, a cellular nutrient evaluation is highly recommended. All we need is a teaspoon of the horse’s mane hair.

2. Program development

From the evaluation and your goals, we develop a custom program for each horse. Those easy-to-administer programs are designed for you to rebalance your horse’s health, maintain health or to boost Equine performance.
All programs are a combination of oral natural formulas and health-promoting equine diets. You receive step-by-step instructions in writing. Although improvements are often noticed within days, health-recovery programs are typically designed for 90 days. We strongly urge to pursue the program with diligence and attention to detail for the full duration, even if the horse seems well already. After 90 days we recommend a re-evaluation.

3. Monitoring and coaching

It is essential that you provide feedback to your practitioner so the program can be adjusted if needed. How long it takes for your horse to heal depends on the diligence in pursuit of the program, as well as the duration of the problem and the organ systems involved – for example: hoof horn regenerates much slower than stomach lining. Self-healing takes time. If you have an emergency, call your Veterinarian.

Independent expert counsel

Equolution®’s practitioners are independent consulting experts. To assure you our unbiased, objective expert counsel, Equolution is NOT associated with any feed or supplement company. We do carry a small selection of self-developed, proven formulas because nobody else offered them. Usually we make recommendations across the board from several sources depending on ingredients and individualized need.

A new way of thinking

The Equolution® process requires you to have an open mind. There are no side effects. We want you to focus on your goals rather that the absence of health. This requires a new way of thinking. For example, instead of accepting a horse’s metabolic condition and treating the subsequent damage, Equolution® instructs you how to modify the equine metabolic response with a particular dietary approach. This goes along with symptomatic treatments as long as it is needed. The ultimate goal is to recover a horse’s health so that medication is not needed any more, but this is subject to your Veterinarians assessment. We will be happy to team up with your Veterinarian.

The science of cellular health

The process of Equolution® is based on scientific principles of cellular health. A body consists of millions of individual cells. To heal the body, the cells have to heal. To re-balance cellular health, essential nutrients need to get into the cell and toxins have to get out. To accomplish this, Equolution® uses a nutraceutical approach in which combinations of oral formulas produce a synergistic effect. For example, to get amino acids from food into the cell, they have to pass the gut–blood barrier. Conventional feed labeling suggest that all nutrients listed on the label will be absorbed by your horse. However, as Equolution studies have shown: many nutrients do not get absorbed at all unless a specific delivery mechanism is applied in clinical potency, e.g. digestive enzymes.

All disease is cellular

No matter the “diagnosis,” if we accept the cell as the basic unit for life, then all disease is cellular disease. The basis for this philosophy has been around for quite a while, promoted by a variety of scientists. Conventional medicine treats the visible effect called “symptom”. The initial causes of the disease are rarely addressed, which “resembles the fight of a battle while losing the war.” Physical bodies consist of millions of single cells. To address the cause of disease, we have to know what is going on in the body cell. From a holistic health perspective, disease (non-health) is an explainable process. Disease and its symptoms reside first at the cellular level. Whether humans or horses, bodies are made up of hundreds of trillions of living intelligent cells which in turn make up organs, bones, tissues, blood and brain. Unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, which we name disease. Once we are diagnosed with a disease, the problem is usually systemic and bigger than just the symptoms. Usually, the causes that lead to disease are manifested in every cell of the body for some time before symptoms arise. Dis-easing processes are reversible but the recovery process takes time. Therefore it depends on how much a life-threatening imbalance has destroyed the mechanisms needed for recovery.

The body does not “catch” diseases, it makes them!
Symptoms occur when the body can no longer compensate for “sub-clinical” imbalances. Preventive care truly means to re-balance imbalances before they manifest into symptoms. Disease occurs at the cellular level but one cell does not make disease yet, because other cells can compensate for awhile. There is plenty of time to re-balance dis-ease before it manifests. The problem is to demonstrate the imbalance, to make it visible with other tools than symptoms, to convince the human mind for the necessity of change.

This is why Equolution® uses non-invasive cellular diagnostic methods when needed. Through tissue mineral analysis for example we can deduct the absorption rate of certain elements, and where and how we need to improve nutrient absorption. Equolution®’s approach is to restore health on the cellular level over time. In some cases, depending on the state of the “disease” symptomatic conservative treatment might be needed alongside until the body can take over again. Health is to first realize that the doctor is the body itself. Each cell is geared to self heal. The horse owner becomes the facilitator. The doctor is within the horse, not without. After all, this body built itself from one tiny cell and managed quite well without an “external doctor” for decades, defending itself from millions of viral attacks, free radical damage, and constant pollution from food and the air. This view is supportive of “the doctor within,” rather then employing an “intervener”. Holistic health is gained at the cellular level and from there the horse’s own healing power is slowly restored by :

1)    Ensuring the absorption of essential nutrients and transport to the cells
2)    Eliminating toxins from the cells
3)    Regenerating the endocrine system (the “brain glands”)
4)    Modifying the metabolic response
5)    Increasing cellular efficiency