Case Reports

Foundational Equine Health Restore aka Equolution(R) is a trademarked  approach for horse owners to restore their horses health naturally by using a specific feed- and foundation supplement chart.

Equolution(R) represents a paradigm shift for any healing process. The goal is to identify, address and naturally remove the underlying root causes for chronic conditions in horses.  This process consists of an initial restore phase, usually 90-120 days, after which a  few modifications lead into a health maintenance program.

The approach is simple and powerful because, as our decades of house-intern data has shown, given certain conditions, horses have incredible self-healing capacity, whether it is metabolic response modification as in Equine Metabolic Syndrome, rebalancing of endocrine responses as in PPID/Cushings, jump-starting metabolism, having more physical energy with better mental focus, lose their ulcer prone tendencies or simply becoming healthier and happier overall.

See for yourself: The reports came from  horse owners who have used this foundational health restore approach on their own horses:

By problem areas:
Hoof and Coat Improvements
Mystery Cases
Performance Issues
Chronic Colics
Hard Keepers / Muscle Gain
Other Issues and Testimonials

Hoof and Coat Improvement

Yes, this is the same horse just six weeks apart! Dressage trainer Jil Beltran’s Grand-Prix Friesian “Waling” in Fallbrook, California, suffered from a severe, undiagnosed condition which expressed itself in mysterious metabolic problems, “bleached coat” and Cushing’s – like symptoms. Jill started using a custom feed program on her horse. Besides “Waling” turning black within six weeks he also lost excess weight, got his life-energy back and transformed into a well-muscled horse thanks to Jill’s dedication to the Equolution(R) program.

Sarcomas-Melanomas-Skin Tumors

This horse had suffered from Sarcomas for many years. The tumors were diagnosed by a state-licensed Veterinarian. They had grown to the size of a tangerine when the owner started to use a customized Equolution(R) feed and supplement program on her horse . These photos show the tumors on the chest before and two months after this horse owner started the feed program. Tumors had spread to multiple places on the horse, including the girth area. The tumors in the girth area self-healed within a month.


Mystery Cases

Case 1:  10 years of dehydration, tying-up, polydipsia-polyuria

My name is Natalja and here is my horse’s miracle story. I learned that even the most “mysterious” conditions might self-heal with the right approach. I was referred to Equolution(R) across the states when I’ve almost lost my hope to help my horse. One summer 10 years ago he developed polydipsia/polyuria syndrome. He would drink and urinate endlessly but his skin looked like he was dehydrated. None of my  Veterinarians could give me a reason or had a method that helped. The instructions were to restrict his water intake. We had bad and worse days. My horse was very inconsistent in his performance. One day he would be forward and soft, but the very next day he would turn into a short-strided, dull horse, no able to move at all. I had everything, including multiple veterinarians visits and different diets. I consulted with the team at Equolution about a feed and supplement program. The Equolution(R) nutrient analysis and related program was very comprehensive and professional. I never felt left alone after the first consultation. I was supported via remote counsel. I was prepared that it wouldn’t be an overnight miracle and it would take me a minimum of 3 months before I would start seeing consistent improvements. We started this program in November 2015. It is April 2016 now. Since February my horse has been doing consistently well, indeed about 3 months after I started the Equolution(R) program. By saying that I am very grateful, I feel like I am not saying enough. I am not a professional rider. I have my horse because I love him so much. He is my heart, my soul mate, my best friend. I just wish I knew about Equolution(R) before we had to go through ten years of suffering. With the program’s long-distance counsel I was able to heal my horse myself. Thank you so very much!
Natalja and Leandro (April 2016)

Case 2 – Lyme Disease, lethargy 

Shannon Peters’ horse “Fleur de Selva” had been retired for five years when she put him on the Equolution(R) program. In 2009, this Grand-Prix horse had contracted Lyme disease while showing in Florida. “Fleur De Selva” suffered severe complications from the disease which made him lethargic and unable to perform any kind of work. He existed on stall-rest alone. Cushings-like symptoms and metabolic problems were predominant. Just walking a few steps outside his stall would get this horse out of breath. Shannon started the program on her horse in late Spring of 2014 and was diligent in her pursuit. Remarkable was that at this point the horse had been laid up longer than he had been in work under saddle altogether prior to his retirement. In Spring of 2016, during the Del Mar Nationals, Fleur De Selva had a comeback Grand-Prix (photo:  Shannon Peters and Fleur De Selva)

Performance Issue

Case 1

Performance problems solved on imported jumper

Hunter-Jumper Trainer Molly Brock explains how she was able to increase performance and improved attitude on her recently imported Warmblood jumper prospect who became lethargic and skinny after he arrived in the US. She reports that he gained back about 150 lbs weight and muscle, he is now energetic under saddle, his performance improved dramatically, his attitude is brighter and he is a happier horse.

Case 2 – Across the board improvements

Dressage trainers Rebecca Rigdon-Blake and David Blake explain how they used Equolution(R) to  help many of their horses. The program helped their young Grand-Prix horses to become more focused. In others the horse owners removed metabolic issues and stress- related performance problems in their horses.

Chronic Colics

Case 1 – Colics No More !

15-year old Sofia describes how her previously hard to manage 4-year old horse “Sano” within a few days transformed into a mellow, safe and happy horse so that even her little sister could ride him easily. Sofia started using a very simple nutrition program on her horse. Along with this improvement in attitude the frequent colics from which Sany had suffered, totally disappeared. Sano previoulsy had became colicky every time the weather changed. It is important to remember that many behavioral problems are often rooted in nutritional or digestive imbalances.

Case 2 – Chronic colics 

“I very much recommend to learn how to use Equolution(R). It is is on the leading edge of physiological and functional equine health and performance at ALL levels. I rescued a horse who was days from being euthanize. It is few a far between to find experts who truly understand the endocrine system as well as the nutrients needed for horses. Equolution(R) clearly has made a difference in teaching me about my malnourished colicky OTTB that was short from being euthanized. I recommend gathering your barn friends to learn how to use this program on your horses yourself BEFORE a serious health issues impairs the health of your horse.”

Brenda Fox, Westlake Village, CA

Hard Keepers

Case 1 – Muscle Building – combine the right things

In this video-testimonial horse owner Amy describes how she recovered her 12 year-old Thoroughbred “Davy” in weight and topline. Amy states hat she was very skeptical at first because everything else had already failed. Her Veterinarians came out several times, they checked his teeth, fecal tested for hind-gut ulcers and parasites. Davy also went through stomach ulcer treatments prescribed by her Veterinarians and had been on different diets, but the horse kept losing weight. After having  used Equolution(R) for six weeks on her horse, she measured that he  gained 60 pounds. Amy states that Davy is a much happier horse. His prior attitude problem is resolved too, he is more willing to go forward and shows much more confidence.

Case 2

I would definitely recommend Equolution(R) to anyone who has a horse or pony.  My horse is an off the track Thoroughbred that was losing weight no matter how much I fed him.  Despite nine flakes of hay, grain and supplements per day he was still losing weight .  I tried every product and approach out there, including veterinary visits.  I finally found Equolution(R) who sent Dr. Gabi out. She showed me how to assess his exact nutritional needs.  She taught me things that were affecting his weight which I would have never realized without her expertise.  And her suggestions on feed were right on.  Within a month his weight was already noticeably improved. Her expertise and the fantastic Equolution(R) products are absolutely the reason.  The products replaced a huge amount of other supplements that were NOT doing the job.  In the end I had a happy, healthy horse who sports great weight and good muscle.   And I paid less for those spectacular products than I was paying out before to have a skinny unhappy horse.  You can tell that Dr. Gabi and her team have put a lot of research into these product developments and it shows.  The proof is in the girth!
Maureen, San Juan Capistrano

Cushings / PPID

Case  1 – Cushings No More

Normal ACTH values after four weeks

Horse owner Leslie describes how she used Equolution(R), a drug-free and natural approach to save her Warmblood from the consequences of a Cushing’s (PPID) diagnosis which her Veterinarian had diagnosed. Within 4 week of Leslie using the Equolution program, her horse’s ACTH values returned to normal values.

Case 3 – PPID in Senior Horse

Horse owner Karen reports how she normalized the ACTH levels in her senior horse herself with the natural approach of Equolution(R). Her horse had been diagnosed with Equine Cushings Disease (PPID) when she switched him from Pergolide to this approach because he had severe side effects from the medication.
Products used:

Other Testimonials

Healing through “clean” formulas
Thank you Equolution(R) for all your fabulous education and products!! Several horses here at Huntington Central Park including mine, are reaping healing, healthy benefits due to your very in depth nutritional teachings and “clean” products! Dr. Gabi, I can not THANK YOU Enough! Every horse owner should run a hair sample and consult with Equolution(R) Dr. Gabi! (Michelle Fetters, Huntington Beach, CA)

Equolution analysis
“The nutritional cell analysis performed on my performance horse Gunner was a real eye-opener. Your dedication to research and quality supplements made all the difference in Gunner’s performance at shows. I highly recommend to others to use Equolution(R) to help their own horses. It’s such a pleasure to ride a horse that feels good and is focused! Thank you Equolution(R)!” (Vicky Alter, San Juan Capistrano).


Life-changing results
“Meeting Dr. Gabi has changed the lives of my horses. I’ve had some challenging ones, that standard veterinary care has not helped. With the  Equolution(R) program I have been able to bring my horse back after having been sick for years. Also I was able to increase  performance in all my other horses dramatically. This is brilliant !” (Shannon Peters, Arroyo Del Mar, CA)

Performance Enhancement
Honestly after getting my degree in Equine Science from CSU, and training both Hunter/Jumpers and Race horses this is the only nutritional program that I have ever truly believed in. Look at my horses hooves, coats, or how often they can do their job. Replacing deficiencies without over-supplementation. This is all you need to know the approach with Equolution(R). (Sterling Ferguson, Arcadia, CA)

Dramatic improvement in performance and energy
The equolution(R) method offers brilliant insights and education into not-well understood metabolic equine health. Equolution(R) –all natural herbs and feed recommendations–immediately helped me with Aristo (DWB national FEI dressage horse) to make him gain weight and muscle. He’s a much happier and healthier athlete. The recommendations come after an in-depth nutritional report offering a full interpretation of hair mineral analysis. In our barn, other horses that adhere to these programs show positive, lasting results. The approach combines science “horse sense” to design feed recommendations for individual cases. They listen, they care, and they get results. Aristo was right on track with what was predicted. First he started gaining weight as soon as he finished the detox I gave him. He could not gain weight before, no matter what we tried. We are feeding a lot less (maybe ½) of what we used to feed and he’s thriving. He then converted the weight to muscle, starting around three weeks into the program. He turned into a different horse. From about the second week in September his energy started to improve a lot, and he’s just going super well now. He had a little set-back in the first week of October. Then Robert Dover in October 12-13 clinic said he’s about three weeks from Grand Prix. So the results I am getting by using this program are amazing and continue to progress in the right direction. I asked Steffen (Peters) and he really likes what he’s seeing and riding—he said that he has enough energy now.
(Carla Hayes, San Diego, CA)

Attitude, Rideability:
Just wanted to say thank you team at Equolution, for all you guys do. Levi &I have competed in 5 events out of 13 in 2nd level competition. We’ve won a First Place buckle in Hurry Scurry (a jumping event with 3 jumps). It’s only the second time he’s done the event. We also won a Second Place in Poles 1, and a Third Place in Figure 8 Flag. Your approach really worked. Levi had been very anxious without Gunner. I’ve been giving him all his supplements. He’d be a wreck if I didn’t. Just wanted to send big hugs and lots of love to you all for all you’ve done. (Vicky Alter, Hall Of Fame Gymkhana Trainer, San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Improvement in energy:
Star has got her energy back since I started her on the Equolution(R) probiotics enzymes and the trace mineral supplements 4 days ago. Will keep you guys posted on how she does at her first show next Sunday.  I just love these supplements and have seen a huge change not only in Tommy but in Star too. Thanks for all that you do at Equolution! (Katie Carson, Fallbrook)

Better show scores:
I am so happy to share that Volare “was on fire” at the show and got a great score of 69.5% @ I-2. Carly was grinning from ear to ear “he has so much energy I can’t stop him!!!” Thank you, Equolution ! (Sylvia Wong, Malibu)


Cushings /PPID :
My thanks to Equolution(R)! In May of 2014 my veterinarian became suspicious my horse may be borderline Cushing’s. His ACTH tested at 63.95. To be sure that it wasn’t just just a seasonal fluctuation we retested in November. The results of the ACTH was then 69.5. A friend told me to contact Equolution(R) because she had heard that their nutritional program had helped some other horses diagnosed with Cushing’s. I sent a sample of Bolshoi’s hair to analyze for nutrient content. I learned from all of this that my horses adrenal system needed nutritional support, which is evidently quite natural for horses as they age. I started on the Equolution(R) supplement program in mid December. When he was retested by my Veterinarian in January the ACTH results were 27.3, back to a normal range. Quick results!
(Leslie Urich, Oregon)

Skin Sarcomas:
I’ve been so excited about the Equolution(R) formulas I have been feeding Crusader. All of his “growth” have almost disappeared! His former owner said the growth would get dry, crack & bleed that’s how raised it was. With no other treatment except simply Equolution(R) feed recommendations I applied, the growth is gone and hair is growing back!!! Thank you so much!!! It’s amazing. His skin is healthier, darker, and people are calling him beautiful now (not before people were turned off by all the growths). (Vicky Alter, San Juan Capistrano, CA)

“I asked for educational counsel  from Equolution regarding my filly when she came back to race training from a upper suspensory injury. She was tying up frequently and we were considering retiring her. I brought the team at Equolution on board to help me with nutrition and supplements. In short my filly immediately stopped tying up and has run 9 times at Santa Anita and Del Mar this year! Our trainer has proclaimed her the most resilient horse in his barn. I am 100% sure that is because of the Equolution(R) method I used on my horse.  I can not recommend this enough!” (Sterling Ferguson, Arcadia, CA)

Bleached coat, cushings and metabolic conditions:
Friesian and Horsey Peeps…I just had the most AMAZING, life changing break through with Jorah and I owe it all to Equolution(R)…LIFE CHANGING, people…LIFE CHANGING…so excited to see Jorah finally healthy and WELL .
Everything was wrong with him. I went through 11 vets who all said he’s fine, meanwhile back at the ranch, Jorah is at death’s door and we finally found the Equolution(R) educational program. Miracle of miracles. Jorah is healing because I learned how to feed him right. He’s no longer buckskin, he’s black and soft and shiny and alive and perky and, and, and… 🙂 (Valerie Darlington, Texas)

Colic, Ulcers and Rider Safety
Equolution(R) awesome. It can help horse owners with many topics like learning about nutritional management in Cushings, ulcers, energy, metabolism, foot health and so much more. Sano was a wreck from ulcers and frequent colics. I learned that his ulcers all stemmed from his diet. I was on the verge of selling him because he had gotten to be an over the top aggressive handful and he wasn’t safe for Sophia or me. Within two weeks, he’s turned back into a sweetly behaved horse. Thank you guys SOOO much. What a difference we’ve seen in Sano. He’s had such a dramatic shift in his behavior since we used the nutritional method. He went from colicing, stomping, biting, bucking, rearing, bolting, not letting Sophia get on at the mounting block back to his easy going, sweet eyed ways. We are grateful that he’s feeling SO much better!
(Sanya Walker, San Juan Capistrano)

Frequent Colics:
My daughter’s horse ‘Boo Ray’ was having frequent colics. In my effort to find a solution I contacted Equolution and they suggested helping his digestion with a specific feed program and enzymes. Since using Equolution’s formula and feed suggestions, the colic episodes have completely stopped ! (Kris Burdett, Chino, CA)

Colics and Digestive Problems 
Thank you Equolution(R) for your vast education in nutrition and health management. The understanding of what’s behind digest imbalances has helped me to turn my rescued starvation, to be euthanzied OTTB into a muscled sport horse in training. Thank you! (Brenda Fox, Westlake Village)

My quarter horse, Bentley had been struggling with very slow hoof growth and inflamed laminae. We had tried every recommendation from our Vet, but did not see the results we needed. With Equolution we did a nutritional test, which shows nutritional imbalances and then put together a new feeding program designed to target his specific needs. After just 2 months we saw an amazing improvement in his overall condition-but especially his hooves. Our farrier said that this is the best hoof condition that he has seen on Bentley. It is so reassuring to know that someone can specifically identify the nutritional issues, design a feeding/supplement program to target those concerns and actually GET RESULTS! I now have a happy, healthy horse – I highly recommend Equolution(R) (Susan Gregory, San Juan Capistrano)

Digestive Issues/ Rider safety / Hard keeper
I had the good fortune to recently attend an Equolution(R) Equine nutritional event. My horse, Andy, an Anglo Arab and a hard keeper, had been having digestive issues for quite some time. He was diagnosed by his Veterinarian with stage 3 ulcers several years ago, and after 2 months on Ulcer guard was put on a diet of 6 flakes Timothy daily ever since. Although he did not suffer any more colic episodes… he did carry his weight in this belly. As a Para-rider, I needed a forward horse that was intuitive to my special needs. Because of childhood polio, I rode dressage without the use of my leg aides. Andy is a very sensitive horse, which made him more susceptible to digestive imbalances. Although a lovely horse, he was not developing to his full potential. The Equolution representative saw Andy and immediately noticed hat although he gobbled down his hay he must not be absorbing he food intake properly,  by comparing the calories he ate with the calories he should need. Consequently he was always hungry but didn’t get enough nutrients. With help of that education, I slowly made major changes to his diet. Within a short time, his hay belly began to recede and he appeared less food anxiety. He even accepted the bit better and settled into a lovely collected gate. The difference was truly amazing. I am thankful to Equolution(R) and would highly recommend using this method to help any horse become happy and healthy. They have a unique knowledge base to help our equine partners and truly understand their nutritional needs. The Equine community is very fortunate to have this as a resource.

Digestive Issues/Hard Keeper:
I want to recommend the services and products at Equolution to anyone who has a horse or pony. My horse is an off the track Thoroughbred that was losing weight no matter how much I fed him. Despite nine flakes of hay, grain and supplements per day he was still losing weight . I tried every product out there, and a few more. I finally found an Equolution representative, who came out and taught me about things that were affecting his weight, which I would have never realized without her expertise. And the suggestions on feed were right on. Within a month his weight was noticeably improved and that expertise and those fantastic products are the reason. The Equolution(R) products replaced a huge amount of other supplements that were not doing the job. In the end I had a happy, healthy horse who sports a great weight. And I paid less for those spectacular products than I was paying out before to have a skinny unhappy horse. The team at Equolution have put a lot of research into the product development and it shows. The proof is in the girth!
(Maurren Hall, San Juan Capistrano,CA)

Joint Problems:
“I will say Equolution is awesome from when they first helped me with Tommy to now I will say that by using the supplements I haven’t had to call the vet out to give Tommy hock injections or any joint supplements. Tommy moves really nicely with his small diet change and his few supplements and I’m proud to say thanks to the Equolution(R) consultation, and the help from Jill and my mom, I’m going to get Tommy into a few schooling shows and maybe try a show. Love you guys” (Katie Carson, Reins Therapeutic Riding Center, Fallbrook, CA)

Endocrine Problems after import, no stamina
I am honestly not sure how to write this. Here goes…I imported a lovely Oldenburg mare, Elfenlady, from Germany two years ago. Upon her arrival to my barn in Washington, following Quarantine, it tuns out she had had a severe laminitic event while in quarantine. We believe this was a stress founder as knowing her as I now do very well, she is the most sensitive horse I’ve ever known in every sense. A little while into the Veterinary treatment, I was introduced to Equolution and we did a nutritional testing.

I myself have had an extensive medical history with Adrenal fatigue and from a lot of reading I got the impression that my horses adrenals and thyroid must be wavering. The Equolution team recommended a feed protocol which included a custom Equolution(R formula called ESPRIT and a mineral formula. On the outside looking at the horse, the immediate difference everyone can see is how amazing their coat suddenly becomes when the missing minerals are put back into place. I know this was also paramount in healing her feet. Elfenlady has remained on the supplement formulas for the past year and a half.

My observation with the Esprit is as follows. As her feet healed and she was able to get back into work, we had noticed early on that she had no stamina whatsoever. She would quickly become winded and could not recover. Early on we kept repeating blood work thinking it was something deeper and to rule anything else out. Upon increasing the Esprit, Elfen’s energy and stamina slowly improved. Soon she was to the point she was seemingly “normal”. Due to circumstance this past winter, we had simply forgotten to order a refill of the Esprit at the subsequent time that the herbs were in high demand, so there was a month and a half that she was off of it. Her stamina tanked. She went back to being winded easily and no stamina to speak of. When we did get our Esprit back in stock I somehow overlooked starting her back onto the loading dose. Weeks in it dawned on me that I had neglected to do that. Everyone had panicked a bit thinking possibly something was very wrong with her. I myself have had an extensive medical history with Adrenal fatigue and I quickly recognized in her what I experience myself and realized we simply forgot to load her up after she had effectively had an Adrenal crash. We then bumped her up to the loading dose of Esprit again. Upon increasing this she was back to her “normal” self within a few weeks. We are now able to have her back on the normal maintenance dose. I am now very diligently making certain that we keep her on this amazing formula! It is so very important to notice every little detail and change in your horses and always trust your gut if you feel something is wrong. It is also to your extreme advantage to have amazing experts at your fingertips! I am so very blessed to be able to work with them!
(Jessica Lyman, Washington)

Lethargy, Frequent Infections, Toxicity Issues
I had a nutritional analysis performed by Equolution on my very sick horse. I had various vets from my area try to figure our why the horse was so sick. The Equolution representative was the only one to recognize the underlying problem. Following the supplement recommendations for my horse, I now have a completely healthy horse, who looks and acts better than when I purchased him.  (Laurie Walker, Chatsworth)

Head Shaking:
Dear team at Equolution, thank you so very much for actually recommending a nutritional solution to my horse’s “head shaking” condition. I had spent a lot of time and money with my different veterinarians trying to solve the “head shaking” condition that he had developed. Some suggested he was a head shaker caused by nerve damage in his nose while others said it was just his bad attitude. I was totally frustrated and was on the verge of getting rid of the horse when my trainer suggested I contact the team at Equolution and see if they could help. After the evaluation, they swiftly and accurately determined what might be causing a problems and came up with a viable supplement solution. I have had him on herbal remedies for about 6 weeks with remarkable results. The horse no longer shows any signs of “head shaking”. His attitude has totally changed and he has resumed a normal work schedule.

I am so impressed with the nutritional findings. They pinpointed the exact deficiencies in his diet. These results confirmed what we already suspected. Once again I want to thank Equolution for saving this horse.
Sincerely, Corinne Leslie (Chino, CA)

Remote Consultation:

Dear team at Equolution, I want to thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for giving of your time on Monday. Your free phone consultation just blew me away! It was such a pleasure to speak with you all. Your warmth and genuine care for the horse is just incredible. I am so excited about all the information I got and can’t wait to get Howie started down the path to better health!! Thank you, again. Warmest regards, Elizabeth Duthrie (Northern CA)


Love for horses and wanting the best for them put us in Pomona on the same day, chance put Dr Gabi from Equolution on the schedule before the lecture I came to see, and it was fate got me there early to hear just a part of Dr Gabi’s discussion, but it was gut instinct in me that recognized truth behind her words and led me to meet and collaborate with Dr Gabi to make the world better for horses and humans. (Joan Layte, Escondido) .

If you have the chance to attend one of the Equolution educational events- go, especially if Dr. Gabi is the presenter – she is an expert, great eudcator and passionate about the well being of your horse, last but not least she is just darn fun to be around ! (Christina Danley, Escondido)


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