For Veterinarians

Our mission is to improve the healthcare for horses by working together with their owners, trainers and veterinarians. There are different ways in which we can make your life easier:

1) Send your clients to us for health management education and nutritional counsel
Simply send your clients to our site or have them contact us through

A few applications for our nutritional-supplemental programs:
Metabolic conditions, Cushings, Insulin Resistance, chronic colics, chronic diarrhea, hard keepers, easy keepers, muscle building, topline building, performance enhancement, mental focus, anxiety, improvement of hoof quality.

2) Join our database for referrals
Equolution® focuses on Equestrian education, nutrition and management, not on “Veterinary treatment”, we refer horse owners to practicing licensed Veterinary colleagues in their area when needed. If you would like to become part of our referral network, please email your contact information to Equolution LLC works world-wide. In some US states we may have demand for licensed Veterinarians.

3) Utilize our products
Our formulas are designed by veterinarians and contain clinically potent amounts. If you like to offer our solutions to your clients in your own practice, we can set you up with a wholesale account. Please contact us at

Of course you can also direct your clients  to our online store.

Below are a few nutritional formulas:

  • For diarrhea, GI-Tract balancing after antibiotic therapy, promoting nutrient absorption: Digest Plus: Enzymes, probiotics, live yeast.
  • For nutritional and GI-tract support: Daily GI Combo
  • For PPID and stress-related conditions in horses: Esprit – Herbal endocrine formula to support a balanced pituitary-adrenal axis.

Questions ? Call us at 855-409-8500 or email us:

We are looking forward to connecting with you!