Dr. Gabriele Gross, PhD is the original founder of the method EQUOLUTION(R), and we agree, it is easily confused with the company of same name.

Dr. Gabriele Gross, PhD., retired from practicing Veterinary Medicine, obtained her Veterinary license and focus on Equine nutrition in 1987 in Germany at the Veterinary University Hannover. She rounded her University education with a PhD. in Pharmacology in 1989 (hence the title Dr. )

During her 2.5 year PhD. program, which followed after a completed Veterinary education, Dr. Gross held a position as resident and assistant professor to Head of Department Prof. Dr. W. Loescher. “This is when I discovered my passion for teaching and education”.

Dr. Gross focuses on educating and counseling Equestrians how to keep their horses naturally healthy through nutrition and management. Dr. Gabi also works as an independent researcher and scientist. With her knowledge in Pharmacy, she can explain what side-effects are to expect from certain medications, which horse owners are often concerned about. “It is up to the horse owner to approach their treating Veterinarian what to do about the medication or to decide on their own. I do not prescribe or un-prescribe something the treating Veterinarian prescribed. I can only educate and provide objective and qualified information. The recommendation is based on natural supplements and feeding programs and can be amazingly powerful where conventional Veterinary treatment might have failed. If it is not Veterinary Medicine, it is probably nutrition, which requires education.

Education for nutrition requires time which my practicing Veterinary colleagues do not have. Furthermore, nutrition is not a focus in Veterinary training at University. My mission is to support Equestrians as well as my practicing Veterinary colleagues while working alongside each other. Interdisciplinary communication and referrals are of essence if we want to support our clients in the best way and avoid misconceptions. I am always available for a clarifying chat in case of questions.

Education and Credentials:

  • 1984 Degrees in Equine Nutrition and Herbal Sciences (Germany)
  • 1987 Doctorate Degree, Veterinary Medicine (Vet. Med. Univ. of Hannover, Germany)
  • 1989 Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Brain Research (Germany)
  • 2000 Masters Degree in Sports Performance Coaching (NLP, USA)

Co-Owner/Operator of a SoCal Racing Stable and Farm
2004 – 2007 – Bonsall, CA

  • Trainer and Manager of a Thoroughbred Racing Stable. Races in Del Mar, Santa Anita and Hollywood Park.

Assistant Surgeon (Part-Time)

  • Equine Colic and Specialty Equine Clinic – Kerken, Germany 1981-1989

Equestrian since 1966

  • German Equestrian Riding Instructor (Dressage- and Jumping) since 1978


  • English, German, some Latin, Italian and Spanish

An Equine Veterinarian, Pharmacologist, and Researcher from Germany
Gabriele Gross, PhD. combines decades of experience in the field of Equine Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacology, and Advanced Equine Science, with the drive of a Performance Coach. She has made it her mission to educate horse owners in Equine Health and Performance, placing emphasis on early detection, nutrition and preventive Equine health care. During her international career, Dr. “Gabi” has successfully assisted top Equestrians and horse trainers of multiple disciplines. Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Jack Van Berg (Alysheba, 1987) names her “one of the most impressive horse people I have met”. Using her extensive knowledge in Pharmacology, Equine Nutrition and Advanced Equine Sciences, Dr. “Gabi” educates Equestrians with a cutting edge, naturally oriented approach to preventive care for Equine health and peak performance.

Since 1967, Equolution® has grown from a belief system to an applied method for Equestrian education and empowerment, offering products and services to help horse people to enhance Equine health and performance. Equolution® supplements and formulas representing cutting-edge technology in Equine Health Care. All products are approved and constantly monitored by an expert panel, consisting of Veterinarians, Nutritionists and Peak Performance professionals.