Dr. Gross proprietary horse health formulas, previously sold at Equolution LLC, now at empirediet.com

Please visit empirediet.com to purchase Dr. Gross’ proprietary formulas and private labeled supplements. We rebranded them at Empire Research Inc. which means the labels look different, but the names and the ingredients are exactly the same as sold before here for the past 11 years on Equolution and as Dr. Gross designed resp. labeled and researched them for their efficacy and dosage.

Using data from decades of field studies, Dr. Gross developed this clinically proven supplement concept for Equine health- and wellness care. She created the approach and fine-tuned it over a period of 25 years. The supplements were either developed from scratch by Dr. Gross or existing formulas were “repurposed” to then be recommended at clinically effective amounts. Combining them in a key-and-lock approach with other formulas results in increased efficacy.

Since March 2022, Empire Research Inc. has taken on the distribution of all of Dr. Gross’ supplements which were previously sold on Equolution LLC. For questions regarding any of the previous “Equolution” supplements, now sold on Empirediet.com, please contact Daniel or Jessica Stewart at Empire Research Inc. 833-746-3679. For questions about horse health consultations, please send an email to drgross@HorseHealthCoach.com. Thank you!

About the inventor

Dr. Gabriele Gross, PhD. is the inventor of a proven supplement line for horse health and wellness, until early 2022 sold under Equolution LLC, now sold by Empire Research Inc., website is empirediet.com. The formula names, ingredients and recommendations for use remained the same and are based on the trade secrets by Dr. Gross. To give the formulas a fresh look, the branding was changed. Just search for the product name of your previously purchased Equolution formula by Dr. Gross on empirediet.com.

For any questions on your horse’s health, contact drgross@HorseHealthCoach.com  

About Dr. Gabriele Gross:

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. from Vet. Univ. of Hannover, Germany, Doktor der Veterinaer Medizin, 1987)
  • Post-Graduate Research Degree in Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Neuroscience (Germany, PhD, 1989)
  • Degree in Equine Nutrition  (Germany, 1985)
  • Herbalist (various international institutions)
  • Licensed California THB Horse Racing Trainer (2004-2008)
  • Supplement Formulator 
  • Lifelong Equestrian, jumping-, dressage- and horsemanship trainer

Dr. Gross is the founder of a her own, foundational, 25 year old natural health-restore concept for horses which uses the proprietary combination of certain formulas. Dr. Gabi obtained her Veterinary license in Germany at the Veterinary University Hannover (TiHo Hannover). Early retired from Veterinary practice, she focuses on teaching the concept to Equestrians, Veterinarians and students. Soon in her career, “Dr. Gabi” realized the value of foundational healing approaches, with focus on nutrition and owner-education. She expanded her University education in Pharmacology and Neuroscience  in form of a post-graduate research degree (PhD) in the team of Prof. Dr. W. Loescher.

Dr. “Gabi” Gross focuses on educating Equestrians how to keep their horses naturally healthy. Dr. Gabi also works as a formulator, independent consultant, researcher and scientist for progressive companies focused on new advances in health and medicine.

Dr. Gross has spent her whole life with horses. Growing up in Germany as a jumper and dressage rider, she later trained and owned a US horse racing stable.  During this whole time she worked on fine-tuning her Equolution(R) programs. Developing her proven systematic, practical approach for horse health management took nearly three decades from when it was just a concept in her mind. Since then the concept has helped thousands of horse owners internationally.


“During my career, I was lucky to learn from the Worlds best. My gratitude goes to the late Kentucky Derby winning and Hall-of-Fame trainer Jack van Berg. Also to physiology professor Prof. Dr. Wolfgang von Engelhardt and my ‘Doktor-Vater’ (PhD. mentor) Prof. Loescher in Hannover, Germany. My years of research in Pharmacology taught me where drugs make sense and where not, while knowledge about physiology became one of the pillars on which Equolution(R) was developed ”

Imprinting was her work at the Equine colic and lameness clinic in Kerken, Germany, which, through quite dramatic examples, taught her that ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, especially for horses.

Further interest in innovation and teaching was fueled by her teachers at New Bolton Center, in particular Dr. Dr. Virginia Reef, PhD., who sparked her interest in research.

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