Cellular Health

All disease is cellular

No matter the “diagnosis,” the cell is the basic unit for life, therefore all disease is cellular disease. The basis for this philosophy has been around for quite a while, promoted by a variety of scientists.

Conventional medicine treats the visible effect called “symptom”. The initial causes of the disease, the root cause, is rarely addressed, which “resembles the fight of a battle while losing the war.” Physical bodies consist of millions of single cells. To address the root of disease, we have to know what is going on in the body cell. From a holistic health perspective, disease (non-health) is an explainable process.

Disease and its symptoms originate at the cellular level. Whether humans or horses, bodies are made up of hundreds of trillions of living intelligent cells which in turn make up organs, bones, tissues, blood and brain. Unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, which we name disease. Once we are diagnosed with a disease, the problem is usually systemic and bigger than just the symptoms.

Usually, the causes that lead to disease are manifested in every single cell of the body for some time before symptoms show. Dis-easing processes are reversible but the recovery process takes time. The extend of possible recovery depends on how much any life-threatening imbalance has already destroyed those mechanisms which are needed for recovery.

The body does not “catch” diseases, it makes them
Symptoms occur when the body can no longer compensate for “sub-clinical” imbalances. Preventive care truly means to re-balance imbalances before they manifest into symptoms. There are signs for sub-clininal imbalances which are unregarded by any conventional medical approach.

The dis-easing process starts at the cellular level.  One cell does not make a disease yet, because other cells can compensate for awhile. There is plenty of time to rebalance a diseasing process before it clinically manifests. The challenge is to recognize and demonstrate the imbalance, to make it visible with other tools than symptoms, to convince the human mind for the necessity of change.

This is why Equolution® uses non-invasive cellular test methods when needed. Through tissue mineral analysis for example we can deduct the absorption rate of certain elements, and where and how we need to improve nutrient absorption. Equolution®’s approach is to identify the root causes and to restore health on the cellular level over time. Depending on the state of the “disease”, symptomatic conservative treatment might be temporarily needed alongside the restoration process.

The doctor is the body itself

Health is to first realize that the doctor is the body itself. Each cell is geared to self heal. In the example of the horse, the horse owner becomes the facilitator. The doctor is within the horse, not without. After all, this body built itself from one tiny cell and managed quite well without an “external doctor” for decades, defending itself from millions of viral attacks, free radical damage, and constant pollution from food and the air.

This view is supportive of “the doctor within,” rather then employing an “intervener”. Holistic health is gained at the cellular level and from there the horse’s own healing power is slowly restored by :

1)    Ensuring the absorption of essential nutrients and transport to the cells
2)    Eliminating toxins from the cells
3)    Regenerating the endocrine system (the “brain glands”)
4)    Modifying the metabolic response
5)    Increasing cellular efficiency