The Team

The Team

Dr. Gabriele Gross, PhD
Equine Veterinarian and Nutritionist
Founder of Equolution®

Dr. Gabi Gross, Equine Veterinarian and Nutritionist, created Equolution® after realizing the demand for a systematic, nutritional preventative approach.
“It it doesn’t respond to Veterinary Medicine, it is probably nutritional”.
Read more about Dr. Gabi here

Maureen Vincenty
VP of Education

Maureen loves teaching, researching, fitness and her cats.
She has been an Equestrian all her life.


Elena Flyer
Herbal Formulations

Elena is the head of our herb kitchen. She is a like a caring mom to all of us.
No matter how busy she is, she always has a patient ear and friendly smile for everybody.



Board of Advisors 
Equolution(R) follows the principle of “Kaizen” which represents ‘constant and steady improvement’.
Veterinarians, scientists as well as Equestrians from various disciplines contribute their ideas and feedback as Equolution’s board of advisors so we can serve you with the best solutions available.